Organized by Lower Columbia Section of PNCWA

PNCWA2020 is proud to offer the tours listed below on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the 2020 Conference. 

Please note that all tours are first come, first served and do not require preregistration.  

  • Monday, September 14, 2020
    • City of Spokane | Departs Spokane Convention Center at 1pm | Returns at 5pm | Approx. Total Time: 4 Hours.
    •  CEUs
  • Tuesday, September 15, 2020
    • Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake| Departs Spokane Convention Center at 8:00 am | Returns at 12:00 pm | Approx. Total Time: 4 hours | 
    • CEUs
  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020
    • Coeur d’ Alene Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility | Departs Spokane Convention Center at 8:00am | Returns at 12:00pm | Approx. Total Time 4 hours|
    • CEUs

City of Spokane Walking Tour

Monday,  September 14City of Spokane

Walking Tour – Above & Below Ground Benefits of CSO

Join us as we begin our walking tour explore "Above & Below Ground Benefits of CSO".  .

1. Walk from the convention center to CSO 26 Facility next to City Hall (about 0.5 miles) about 15 minutes

2.  A Place of Truths Plaza and CSO 26 Facility Tour (1 hour)

         i. An Engineering Marvel – Kyle Twohig, Engineering Department Head, City of Spokane

         ii.     Water Quality – Raylene Gennett, Wastewater Maintenance Superintendent,  City

3.      Walk to Redband Park in Peaceful Valley CSO 25 (about 0.5 miles) about 15 minutes

         i.     Great Gorge and Spokane River Trail (new boat launch) – Andy Dunau, Spokane River Forum

         ii.     Bike & Pedestrian Connections –  City Staff

          iii.     Challenges of Green Infrastructure of CSO 25

4.      Walk to First & Adams CSO Tank (CSO 24) (about 0.3 miles) about 15 minutes (this has stairs)

5.      First & Adams CSO Tank (CSO 24) (45 minutes hour)

           i.     Transit Connections – Spokane Regional Transit Authority

           ii.     Creating a Sense of Place - City staff

           iii.     Tour and construction challenges --  City Staff

6.      Return to Convention Center (about 1 mile) about 30 minute

 Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake                               

Tuesday, September 15

The Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Facility (SCRWRF) is an advanced wastewater treatment plant that provides an initial 8 million gallons per day (MGD) of capacity with an ability to expand capacity in phases up to 24 MGD. Spokane County owns the Facility which went online in December 2011. CH2M Hill (now Jacobs) designed and built the facility, and is operating and maintaining the Facility for an initial 20-year period.  The tour will include views and discussion of:

  • Facility introduction and overview in the Water Resource Center
  • Headworks with fine screening and grit removal
  • Primary clarification and flow equalization
  • Membrane bioreactor with aeration basin and membrane tanks
  • Chlorine disinfection
  • Solids treatment with gravity belt thickening for primary and waste activated sludge, anaerobic and aerobic digestion, and centrifuge dewatering
  • Odor control biofilter

 Coeur d'Alene Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility Tour

Wednesday, September 16Couer d'Alene

The Coeur d’Alene Advanced wastewater treatment is a 3.5 MGD Plant built out to the capacity of 6 MGD with our newest upgrades and the addition of a Tertiary Membrane Filtration. The TMF is allowing us to reach the upcoming  phosphorus limits of  0.05 mg/l.

Tour description:

  • Lab tour and introduction to the facility -Head works and Influent pumping station 
  • Anaerobic digester, and centrifuge for dewatering 
  • Primary clarifiers and thickners 
  • Trickling filters 
  • Secondary clarifiers 
  • Tertiary Membrane filtration, using Suez 500D membranes 
  • Chlorine disinfection 
  • Tour of the Coeur D Green composting facility, where we make class A compost out of the biosolids