Group Registration

Don't need to review the FAQs? You can register your group now. Best practices are to register your people in batches of 4-5, so your browser does not time out!

Answers to Group Registration FAQs

A. To start the process of using the Online Group Registration system PNCWA needs to approve you as an "Admin Personnel" or "Key Contact" for your organization, one who can register groups of individuals. An organization may have more than one person in this role.

  1. When you become the admin personnel for your organization and use the Online Group Registration System, it will allow you to register each individual, whether it is 2 or 20 people, without having to know that person’s login user name/password or membership status.
  2. One person, usually the administrative person responsible for coordinating registration must be designated a "Admin Personnel" for the organization. Note, organizations may have more than one "Admin Personnel."
  3. To set up your group, email Kate Wilson [email protected], or call her, 971.300.6411. Let her know you want to register a group.
  4. It is helpful when the group is being set up, but not necessary, that you know all the individuals you will want to register. Include the names if you know them. All individuals in the PNCWA data base form your organization will be linked to your group.
  5. Once you do start registering people, if you stop before completing, it does not save the info you have entered. On the other hand, you do not need to register everyone at once...Best practices are to register your people in batches of 4-5, so your browser does not time out!
  6. If you are the admin person for an organization that has a mix of members and non members, AND yours is not a UPP organization, you will have two logins assigned, one to register members, and one to register non members.

B. PNCWA then links all the employees to the admin personnel's profile.

  1. If there are just a few individuals to link, the system only takes a few moments to link them, and you can usually start registering them right away.
  2. If there are dozens, or 30 or 40 to link, it may be a few days before you can register your group.

C. The "Admin Personnel" can then login with their own username and password, and register as many individuals as needed.

  1. The admin does not need to know the username, password, or member number of any of the individual they have requested to be linked.
  2. Admin personnel can register each individual for unique choices.

D. Payment and invoicing

  1. There is just one invoice for each time you  register members of your group. If you register all of your individuals, there is one invoice for all of them. If you register 5 individuals, and then come back the next day to register 5 more there is one invoice and payment for EACH 5 person group.

E. What about registering different groups over time?

  1. No problem. There is no limit to how many times the admin personnel can come back and register different individuals or groups of individuals.
  2. Each individual may only be registered once however, and if you need to make changes to an individual registration, you must contact PNCWA.

F. When you get to the start screen to register someone from your group,  choose “Register linked profile.”

G. After you have completed registering your first individual, how to you register more people?

  • After you have completed registering your first individual, you are presented with the same screen as above, and to register more people, choose "register linked profile" again.

H. What if I don't see the profile for the person I am trying to register?

  1. If you are a UPP organization, you can add (create) your own new profiles when you want to add new people: Login (not to register someone), but just member login: then My Profile/Organization/Individual Profiles/Create New Profile.
  2. If you are not a UPP organization, mail us with the persons name and their email address, and we will add the person to your linked profile.

I. Will my "group" still be activated for the next event?

  1. Yes. You just need to inform PNCWA only once about wanting to be able to register a group. It will hold for all events.
  2. You may ask PNCWA to add or drop individuals from your group due to personnel changes.

If you are ready, you can register your group now:

Register my Group of linked Individuals