PNCWA Conference Policies 

Conference & Exhibitor Purchase & Refund Policies

Cancellation requests for individual registration must be emailed to [email protected] by August 23, 2024. Cancellation requests received by this deadline will receive a refund, minus a $50 processing fee. After August 23, no refunds will be provided.

Substitution requests are welcome - email [email protected]. 

Fees are owed upon registration and are payable within 30 days. Please note that the program is subject to change. 

Please Note: Due to outstanding balances from previous years, we are requiring that in order to attend the conference, your payment must be completed prior to the conference beginning. If you have an outstanding balance upon arriving at the conference, the registration manager will ask that you pay it at the registration desk in order to proceed. 


Registration for booths are binding. Fees are owed upon registration and are payable within 15 days. Floor schedule may be subject to changes. Cancellation requests for a booth must be received via email ([email protected]) by July 25. Cancellations received by this deadline will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be provided after July 25. Substitutions welcome email [email protected].


Annual Conference Individual Registration:

  • Cancellation requests for an individual registration must be received in writing via email or fax by August 29. Cancellations received by this deadline will receive a refund. Please note there is a $50 processing fee withheld. After that stated date, there are no refunds however substitutions are welcome. Fees are owed upon registration and are payable within 30 days. Program may be subject to changes.
  • Registration is not guaranteed until payment is received. Programs may be subject to changes. Payments will be refunded if the conference is cancelled by PNCWA and in that case, PNCWA will have no further liability to the participant. Registrations remain valid if the conference has to be postponed.
  • Disclosure: PNCWA, in conjunction with the food services provider, makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those who have communicated food allergies on their registration form. Every effort is made to communicate to the  food production staff and to coordinate with them on follow through. However, there is always a risk of contamination, and a risk that the manufacturers of the commercial foods used could change the formulation at any time, without notice, or that some unforeseen event could nullify the care and caution that has been taken. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk and note that neither PNCWA nor the food service provider assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating at any conference function.

Individual or Group Registration for Other Trainings or Workshops:

  • Participation is binding unless a specific mention of non-binding preregistration is listed for that particular event or workshop. In those and only in those event workshops if your faxed approval or payment is not received prior to the event your "preregistration" will be voided.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Invoices for All Trainings Including the Annual Conference:

  • Sponsor and Exhibitor invoices are are owed upon registration and due within 15 days. For Exhibitor or Vendor displays cancellation requests received in writing or by fax 30 working days prior to the event, will be refunded at 75%. Email notification is NOT sufficient. After that there will be no refunds unless a substitute exhibitor or vendor takes the display space in question. In that case the original exhibitor or vendor who canceled the original reservation or purchase will be eligible for a refund of 50%. For Exhibitor or Vendor displays, fees and are payable within 15 days unless stated otherwise.

Purchased Goods:

  • PNCWA ships all goods by either US Postal Service, UPS, or occasionally FedEx. Goods purchased on the PNCWA website are shipped within 7 working days unless you are notified by email or telephone within two days at which time you may either agree to backorder or cancel your purchase. Refund requests for defective goods must be made within 30 days of receipt of your purchase. You will be given instructions on return of goods and all refunds for this reason will be made within 30 days.


The complete PNCWA Privacy Statement is at

PNCWA respects the privacy of all individuals who visit our website. When you visit our site we collect a limited amount of information on usage so we can improve the content and design of the site. This information is not personally identifiable by the individual user. We collect the IP addresses of visitors, time of access, browser type, and web pages visited on an aggregate basis only. This information is used for internal review only and is not shared with third parties. The pages viewed by an individual visitor are not tracked.

Information that you give us as part of the PNCWA registration process is stored by PNCWA. PNCWA uses this information to communicate with you. PNCWA does not store financial information we collect for payment for the products and services purchased.

This site contains links to other sites. PNCWA is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.
The PNCWA site makes technical discussion forums available to its visitors. Please note that any information disclosed in these areas becomes public information.

Consent to Use of Photographic Images

Consent to Use of Photographic Images: Registration and attendance at, or participation in an annual conference and other activities to which PNCWA is a party constitutes an agreement by the registrants to allow PNCWA to use and distribute (both now and in the future) the registrant's or attendee's image or voice, in photographs, video, electronic reproductions, and audio of such events and activities.


Orders and Membership applications placed through our site utilize SSL (secure socket layers) to protect information so that it cannot be read in transit. The contact information we collect is used to send the customer their order and/or membership information. The financial information we collect is used to collect payment for the products and services purchased. Once the credit card information is processed PNCWA does not store that information on its site.

Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Discrimination by any PNCWA volunteer, employee, or contractor against any PNCWA volunteer, employee, or contractor based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other illegal basis is not tolerated. This applies to recruiting, hiring, pay rates, training, promotions and other terms of employment and termination of membership benefits. All volunteers, employees, or contractors who violate this policy are subject to discipline to the full extent of applicable law and may be subject to termination of employment and/or member benefits.

Harassment includes verbal or physical conduct that demeans or shows hostility toward an individual because of his/her race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other illegal basis; conduct that creates a hostile or offensive work environment; or otherwise adversely affects employment or professional opportunities. PNCWA does not tolerate any form of harassment.

Sexual harassment, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any verbal or physical conduct that could be interpreted as harassment, is prohibited by PNCWA.

Volunteers, employees, or contractors who are subject to, or are witness to, harassment or discrimination are required to immediately report it to a PNCWA leader, specifically the PNCWA president or the PNCWA association manager. The PNCWA leader who receives a complaint shall coordinate an appropriate response following the complaint with either the PNCWA management or PNCWA president, as appropriate. Volunteers, employees, or contractors need not and should not report the conduct to anyone who they believe is involved in the conduct. Information reported remains confidential to the extent possible. PNCWA prohibits retaliation of any kind with respect to the reporting of such conduct. Failure to report an incident of harassment or discrimination may indicate that the volunteer, employee, or contractor does not consider the conduct unwelcome or problematic. PNCWA appropriately investigates all reports of harassment and/or discrimination reported by any PNCWA volunteer, employee, or contractor, as well as reported by any attendee at a PNCWA meeting, conference, or other event, and will take remedial action when necessary.