PNCWA2024 Operations Challenge

PNCWA is thrilled to be bringing the Operations Challenge back to Boise this fall!


Ops Challenge Registration Deadline April 30th!

PNCWA offers special rates for teams competing in the full Ops Challenge. The Ops Challenge Complete Package includes all conference meals and the Ops Challenge Technical Package includes limited conference meals. See the full details and rates here

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Ops Challenge Team Requirements for PNCWA2024 Competition:

Teams wishing to compete in the PNCWA2024 Ops Challenge Competition at the conference will need to commit to the following:

  • Register by April 30th, 2024 here
  • Each competing team is required to provide one judge for the duration of the conference. These individuals can be the team coach or another individual representing the team. This new practice was enacted to improve the management of the competition and help improve the judging of events for all teams involved in the competition. Judges representing a team competing in an event will be rotated out of the judging panel for events when their team is competing.
  • Judge requirements:
    • Participate in monthly online judge trainings (1 – 1-1/2 hours) from May to August. Studying judging material between meetings required
    • Participate in the Judge Training Session in Boise on September 8th from 1pm to 3pm 
    • Participate as a judge at all PNCWA Ops Challenge events, September 8th-11th


Single Event Competition Option!

Have you always wanted to compete in Ops Challenge, but couldn’t take on the time and monetary requirements of training for all the events?

Problem solved! This year teams will be able to register to compete in a single event. Pick your event: Collections, Safety, Maintenance, Lab, or Process Control - or choose more than one event! Teams competing in a single event are eligible to win the event trophy for that event. Register your team by April 30 and then be sure to register for the full conference beginning in June. Participation in the competition requires regular conference registration. Register here and use discount code SINGLEOPS. 


New! Single Event Awards

For the first time, PNCWA will be offering awards for the best score in each of the five (Process Control, Collections, Safety, Lab, Maintenance) Ops Challenge events. Teams that compete in single events and teams competing in the full competition are eligible to win these event awards. 


Finally, are you not part of an Ops Challenge team but wondering what it takes? Try your hand in casual competitions at the PNCWA2024 Sunday Meet and Greet and Tuesday night Ops Challenge Awards Social. Get ahead by taking a sneak peek here!