Save the Date
PNCWA 2024: Forging a Resilient Tomorrow
8-11, 2024, in Boise, ID

We are excited to welcome you to the 90th Annual Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association Conference and Exhibition, in Boise, Idaho, September 8-11, 2024!   

This year we are focused on cultivating resilience, whether in our workforce, our planning efforts, construction projects, or designs.  Resilience is enhanced and developed by drawing from many aspects that affect our industry, so this year, the content categories are broad and inclusive of everyone who contributes to our water/wastewater infrastructure.  They are also meant to encourage participation from our water partners and friends at other organizations, in academia, and anyone else who participates in the clean water community.  

Conference Timeline:

Call for Abstracts February-March 1
Sponsorship Opens Beginning of April
Exhibitor Registration Opens Mid-May
Conference Early Bird Registration Opens    Mid-June
Early Bird Registration Ends Mid-July
Annual Conference September 8-11


We are Now Accepting Abstracts for Our Annual Conference!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Limit abstracts to 350 words with concise title.
  • Presentations will be 30 minutes. Limited number of presentations may be extended to 60 minutes.
  • Selection notifications will occur mid-May.
  • Selected speakers are expected to present in-person.
  • Speakers are expected to register for the conference and pay all applicable registration fees.

Deadline for Abstracts: March 1, 2024 

Submit Abstracts Here

Questions? Contact our Conference Technical Chair Embrey Bronstad. 

Back by popular demand!  Once again this year, we will be offering Exhibitor Showcase presentations from the Exhibition Hall! Abstracts for these presentations will be due later in the spring- stay tuned! 

So, with that, here are the categories and what we’re looking for:

  • Energy Are you saving it?  Are you generating it 

  • Water Community Solutions  things you wish you would have known, and lessons learned. 

  • Operational Improvements We are seeking abstracts from the people implementing change on the ground, in the field.  Operators, if you have ideas, thoughts, or experience, we would love to particularly hear from you. 

  • Outside the Fence Collections, conveyance, pump stations, stormwater  

  • Regulations and Funding What is going on with PFAS?  What about food waste diversion regulations, IRA monies, or cap-and-invest programs? 

  • Research & Innovation We want to hear from professors AND students from all our great PNW universities, as well as learn about cutting-edge designs, plans, and/or tools.             

  • Resource Recovery Nitrogen, phosphorus, water reuse, fermenting solids to make VFAs(We know at least one of you did that…)  (Energy folks- we have a category just for you!) 

  • Solids Handling and ManagementAll the usual suspects but we want to hear from everyone (water plants have solids too!)   

  • Treatment– Wastewater, stormwater, water: if you made it better, healthier, reusable, tell us about it!        

  • A Resilient Tomorrow  Attracting and retaining talent, fostering personal and professional growth, inclusivity, leadership, and communication.  

  • Planning How did you make decisions, or come up with alternatives? What are important metrics and questions? What are things you wish you would have known? 

  • Stakeholder Engagement – External AND internal!  What are tools you’ve used to communicate with ratepayers, government, decision-makers, and your own team?   

  • Wild Card This is a space to share topics you think the industry needs to know about but aren’t listed above.  

Don’t hold back!  If you have a good idea, a great design, a project you’re proud of, a Man, I wish I had known!”, here’s your opportunity to share it with this fantastic community.   

Please contain your excitement (just for now) to a 350-word abstract.  We will announce speaker selections at the beginning of May so you can start packing for the Gem State!