PNCWA2024 Speaker Hub

Congratulations on being selected to present at PNCWA2024 in Boise, ID! We hope you’ll join us for the 90th Annual Pacific Clean Water Association Conference and Exhibition, September 8-11, 2024. This year we are focused on cultivating resilience, whether in our workforce, our planning efforts, construction projects, or designs.  Resilience is enhanced and developed by drawing from many aspects that affect our industry, so this year, the content categories are broad and inclusive of everyone who contributes to our water/wastewater infrastructure 

We look forward to Forging a Resilient Tomorrowwith you at PNCWA2024! 

Presentation Notes: 

  • Selected speakers are required to develop an in-person presentation. 

  • Presentation sessions will be 25 minutes, including time for Q&A. Select presentations will be 55 minutes, as determined by the Technical Committee.

  • Presenters are expected to register for the conference and pay all applicable registration fees. Presenters must register by August 21, 2024.

  • Electronic copies of accepted presentations will be collected at the conference.

  • We respectfully request that you use the provided slide template using the current version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint in 16:9 format, compatible with a PC. Please ensure that your presentation conforms to the WEF standard of including company logos only on the first and final slide of a presentation. 
  • Presentations should be labeled as follows: Presenter Last Name_Title_PNCWA2024 
  • Session moderators will contact you in August. If you have any questions, please contact them directly. If you have questions prior to moderator assignments, reach out to PNCWA.  

 Contact: Technical Program Chair Embrey Bronstad 



Please fill out this form by May 15, 2024 to confirm your PNCWA Presentation:

Please notify PNCWA immediately of any changes to presentation details.

Conference registration will be available beginning June 12, 2024.