Post-Conference Workshops (Wednesday, September 14, 2022)

This year PNCWA will be hosting workshops on Wednesday afternoon, after the technical sessions, instead of the Sunday before the conference. We hope this will make it easier for people to attend. 

Workshop 1 - The Future of Facility Operations: Stories from the Front Line

In late 2021, members of the POMC identified recognition and development as two areas that can provide support to plant operations and maintenance personnel.  Recognition is intended to inform rate payers and decision makers of the import role of these positions. This includes both health, safety and environment as well as understanding the increasing complexity of the technology, regulations, and operation of water resource recovery facilities. Development focuses on technical training, certification, and retention. 

Workshop 2 - Preparing for the energy shift - how to prime your WWTP for RNG and solve your infrastructure issues while you are at it!

Wastewater plants represent a large untapped source of renewable methane energy, and our best hope of diverting organics to better destination than landfills. Often, plants miss the opportunity to make the most of their biogas resources, because of limited knowledge on how to doing so may in turn solve issues with infrastructure, biosolids, labor shortages and more.

Workshop 3 - Find the Leader Within You

Discover your leadership potential! Whether you’re an aspiring leader or one who’s been there, join us for an exploration of leaders at their best. This workshop is based on the five leadership principals outlined in the book “The Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes and Posner. The workshop includes breakouts and table discussions to encourage shared learning. Participation in this workshop will help improve performance of operators, project coordinators, and/or current and aspiring supervisors and managers by helping them work effectively with peers. With a firm understanding of the five practices of exemplary leadership, participants will be valued employees, supervisors and managers, understanding what it takes to help lead truly outstanding performance.

Workshop 4 - Hope for the Future:  Using Envision to Improve Sustainability

Infrastructure is at the heart of addressing this key challenge of the 21st century, and the standards and methods of the past will not be adequate to meet the needs of the future. A new paradigm is required. 

But how do infrastructure developers know whether their decisions are contributing to sustainability or not? How do they bring attention to the need for more sustainable infrastructure? How do they communicate around a shared understanding of what sustainability means? Envision provides a consistent, consensus-based framework for assessing sustainability and resilience in infrastructure. Envision:

Workshop 5 - Asset Management – Advancing Practices and Outcomes from Your Current State of Maturity

Objectives: the intent of this workshop will be to provide very concrete and specific ideas and examples for action by various positions or groups in the organization to advance that organization’s practices and outcomes within the broad topic of asset management. We will make this huge complex topic simple by focusing on clear vision and unpacking pain points for the participants. We will provide practical, ready-to-use ideas and practices that will make a positive difference and advance organizational outcomes.


Questions: Eric Roundy, [email protected]

*Post-Conference workshops (Wednesday) require separate registration. 

*If you request CEUs - All approved training you attend during the PNCWA2022 Annual Conference will be totaled together. That total will be rounded down to one decimal point to determine total CEUs earned.