Welcome, Authors, Presenters & Speakers

If you submitted an abstract for PNCWA2020, you were notified via an email on Thursday, April 23rd, and your submission is now displayed in ConfTool.

Please then look at the Session Overview online, and either click on your session or enter your name in the search field. The presenting author(s) are underlined. All coauthors are also listed.

The submitting author may make corrections here if necessary:

ConfTool Abstract System Portal

Please contact your moderator or [email protected] if you have any questions, complete instructions are below:

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  • Forty (40) minutes has been scheduled for each presentation. The Program Committee asks each presenter to make full use of that time. We ask that your presentation conform to the WEF standard of including company logos on only the first and the final slide of a presentation.
  • You will receive further communications from your session moderator as we draw closer to the conference.
  • Please note that all presenters must register for PNCWA2020 normally and pay all applicable fees.
Presenter Instructions download

Prior to the Conference:

  1. Make sure you are registered for the conference prior the preregistration deadline! All presenters are asked to register and pay normal registration fees. https://conference.pncwa.org/register-to-attend
  2. Your moderator has been encouraged to contact you, and if you have any questions about your presentation, you are encouraged to contact your moderator directly. Moderator contact info is at http://bit.ly/PNCWA2019Moderators-RoomMonitors and they will also be referred to as “Session Chair” in  the conference program online at http://bit.ly/PNCWA2019BrowseProgram.
  3. Confirm that your presentation conforms to the time requirements. Sessions have 40 minutes for presentations which includes introduction, presentation, and questions and answers. Please use all of the allotted 40 minutes. If you have a Q&A after the session and there are no questions we strongly encourage you to keep the audience engaged for the full 40 minutes. Presentations which fall short of the 40 minute time run the very real risk of attendees not receiving any CEU credit!
  4. Prepare any handouts. You may have handouts for attendees...it is strictly optional. Historically, attendance may range from 20 to over 80 and higher.
  5. Create your presentation in PowerPoint 2018 in 4:3 format. All presentation should be labeled as follows: Presentation Title_Presenter Last Name_PNCWA2020
  6. Copy your presentation to a thumb drive that you can bring with you to the conference. If your presentation has special requirements, please be sure to bring your own laptop and any required adapters.
NOTE: All AV is furnished. Each session room has a furnished laptop with a standard configuration of PowerPoint 2018, a screen, a podium with a gooseneck microphone (non-portable), and a remote and laser pointer available. Important: If your presentation has any “bells and whistles” that might not run on a normal PowerPoint configuration you should bring your presentation on your own laptop as well as a thumb drive. You can test your presentation on a furnished laptop with a standard PowerPoint2018 configuration in the speaker ready room.

Prior to the Session:

  1. Come to the Registration Desk as soon as you arrive at the conference to pick up your nametag and/or register, and see that you pick up a “speaker” ribbon.
  2. Consider using the Speaker Ready Room to practice your presentation

During the Session:

  1. Each session room has a furnished laptop with a standard configuration of PowerPoint 2018, a screen, and a podium, with microphone, remote and laser pointer available.
  2. Arrive early to your presentation so that your moderator can assist you in loading your presentation onto the furnished laptop. The moderator will also keep a copy of your presentation, which will be converted to PDF and posted on the conference summary website.

Questions? Contact your moderator or Email [email protected]