Moderator Instructions

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Moderator contact list

The role of the Moderator:

The moderator’s importance cannot be overstated. The moderator is the public face of PNCWA during a session and throughout the conference. The moderator is the personal contact for the presenter before the conference and answers any questions they may have. The moderator makes sure that the session runs smoothly and makes a quick introduction of each speaker in the session. If the Session has a sponsor, the moderator reminds the audience of that.  The moderator assists the presenter in loading their presentation on the furnished laptop, and makes sure copies of the presentations are put on a thumb drive and returns it to the registration desk. The role of the moderator is usually considered to be a prime assignment! It presents you as either a facilitator (or perhaps even an authority)  in regards to the content of the session. It gives you and your organization recognition.

Prior to the Conference:

The presenters will have been sent separate instructions but you should take these coming weeks to make sure they are comfortable and know what to expect.

1.Contact Speakers with an email to introduce yourself as the moderator.  An example email text is provided at the end of these instructions, and will also appear in the moderator page on the conference website

  • As part of your contact with the presenters you should:
    • Familiarize yourself with your presenters bio and their abstracts at the following link—complete abstract and speaker bios are available there.  “Show Presentations/Show Abstracts/Show Metadata” is the default view. The presenting authors’ name have an asterisk. Email addresses for them are shown.
    • Print the abstracts/biographies provided online above bring them to the conference with you. You may modify the provided biography per any conversations you have with the presenters and to fit the occasion if necessary.
2. Recruit a room monitor for your session that will remain in the back of the room and stamp CEU forms. We are continuing with PAPER CEU forms this year, so a room monitor will be required. You may recruit a colleague or anyone who you know to be attending that session in its entirety.
3. Read the abstracts for your presentations and make notes for questions that you could ask to  encourage additional discussion if the presentation does not use up the allotted 40-minutes. Presentations that fall sort of the 40-minute time length run the very real risk of not qualifying for CEUs for the attendees.

Prior to the Session:

1. Pick up (at the registration desk) a clip board for your session with a Session worksheet, and a USB thumb drive to collect presentations and a CEU attendance stamp.
2. Visit the room before your session and verify that the audio-visual equipment needed by your presenters is present and operational (laptop computer, projector, laser pointer, etc.). This will be set up in your session room when you arrive there.
Make sure your room monitor, who you have recruited is present.

At the Start of the Session: 

Acknowledge the sponsor for the session if there is one. If your session is sponsored, the sponsor will be indicated on the Session printout.

During the Session:

1. Assist each presenter in loading his or her presentation onto the desktop of the furnished laptop. This is the easiest way to collect the presentations. At the end of all the presentations you can then copy all the files from the desktop onto the furnished USB drive and return to the registration desk with the complete room count.
  • Before each presentation:
    • Introduce yourself to the attendees. If you are a committee member on a committee that is relevant to the topic being presented, mention that in your introduction and offer to answer any questions about being on a PNCWA committee at the end of the Session.
    • Acknowledge (again) the sponsor for the Session if there is one. If your session is sponsored, the sponsor is shown on the session print out.
    • Encourage attendees to use available room space efficiently. Some rooms may be crowded and you may need to ask people to fill in the seats away from the aisles first, so others can more easily fill in remaining seats.
    • Announce that CEU sheets need to be given to the room monitor so that they can be stamped during the presentation. The stamped CEU sheets can be picked up after the presentation or session.
    • Introduce the presenter. The presenter can be introduced by reading all or a portion of their biography (which you printed out before leaving for the conference and discussed with the presenter via email or just before the presentation).
    • Take a Presentation Count. 
  • Keep the sessions on schedule:
    • Sessions have 40-minute presentations; this is 35 minutes for the introduction and the presentation, and 5 minutes for Q&A.
    • You will be provided with "5 min. remaining" and "1 min. remaining" cards that you can show the presenter from your seat.
    • You may have to step in and interrupt the Q&A following the presentation if it last too long, but presenters and attendees will appreciate it.
    • Alternately, if a presenter has finished early and there are no questions to take up the remaining time, we ask that you keep the presenter and attendees engaged and encourage discussion until the full 40 minutes has been used.
  • Take count of the attendees in each session and record on the provided worksheet.
  • Acknowledge the sponsor again at the end of the session.

After the Session:

  • Copy all presentations to the thumb drive and return the thumb drive and the CEU stamp to the registration desk.
  • All presentation should be labeled as “Presentation Title_Presenter Last Name_PNCWA2019
  • Pick up left over handouts so room is clean prior to next session.
  • Leave the remote/laser pointer in the classroom.

Example Email from Moderator to Presenters:

Hello everyone.

I will be the moderator for Session [#, Title] at PNCWA2019 in Portland, Oregon. The session will take place on [Day], [Date], from [time] to [time]. I hope you are looking forward to and are ready for the conference. You should have received an email with an “Instructions for Presenters” attachment.  But here are two quick reminders:

  1. Bring your presentation on a thumb drive and I will assist you in loading it on the conference laptop before the session begins. Each session room has a furnished laptop with a standard configuration of PowerPoint 2016, a screen, and a podium, with microphone, remote and laser pointer available.
  2. Important: If your presentation has any “bells and whistles” that might not run on a normal PowerPoint configuration you should bring your presentation on your own laptop with required adapters. Presentations should be setup in 4:3 format.

 You may find it convenient to email me your presentation by end of this week to save time on [Day].

 Please let me know if there are any co-presenters or changes in presenters. If so please send me their biography information so they can be properly introduced. (Currently I have biography information for: [Presenter], [Presenter], etc.)

Your abstract and bio as submitted is at

 I look forward to meeting all of you there and working with you at Session [#]. Please respond to this email and let me know that you will be ready.  If there is anything you need help with, please advise.