Mobile Session

These sessions are focused around specific topics or technology and will allow PNCWA to bring attendees to selected booths to hear and see technical and educational presentations combined with equipment or hands-on visuals.

  • Schedule of PNCWA2018 Mobile Session in Boise: This session will be held on Tuesday, Oct 23 from 10:30-Noon on the exhibit floor. During that time, each presenter gives three 25-minute back-to back presentations (same content for each), simultaneously with 3-4 other exhibitors in other booths; And attendees will choose which three 25-minute presentations to attend during the 1.5-hour timeslot.
  • 25-minutes per presentation total, each presentation given three times back-to-back in the following sequence with 5 minutes in between for attendees to travel to next presentation:
    • 5 minutes: What are the firm’s credentials? What are the credentials/expertise of the presenter? What are the firm’s products?
    • 15 minutes: Discussion by the presenter of a technical topic related to the technology
    • 5 minutes: Q&A and general discussion

Presentation Content Guidelines These presentations are intended to be technology discussions, not product or proprietary pitches. Abstracts will be scrutinized for overt marketing.

  • These sessions are meant to be non-PowerPoint learning opportunities from technical experts.
  • The intent is to provide a hands-on experience focusing on face-to-face exchanges between vendors, operators and engineers.
  • A biography of the presenter(s) is required to demonstrate their technical qualifications and to qualify the presentation for CEUs, and substitution of presenters is not allowed.
  • The presenters should highlight, from their perspective, what works and doesn’t work for the individual technology they are describing.
  • For example, they should discuss items such as the ideal application, suitability for various applications, performance characteristics, capacity limitations, space requirements, energy demand, capital and operating costs, design life, maintenance requirements, redundancy requirements, proven installations, etc.

Note: The presentation should be based on actual installations with insights from operators, engineers and planners. Presenters are encouraged to use the props and product samples within their booth to make technical points.


See the Mobile Presentations and Schedule