Conference Contact Information

Attendee Registration

Registration for individuals: Kate Wilson at [email protected] or 503.252.5458 x 50

  • How to register
  • Registration choices questions
  • Login difficulty (username and password) that does not involve being a brand new member of WEF
  • Changes to an already completed registration
  • Am I a member and going to get member pricing?

Registration for individuals in a Group that has already been set up by PNCWA: Kate Wilson at [email protected] or 503.252.5458 x 50

  • Group registration admins (key contact) who have already been set up and need assistance

Group Registration and Admins (key contacts) set up and changesKate Wilson at [email protected] or 503.252.5458 x 50

  • Initial set up
  • Changes to group...adding or deleting someone from your group

Member/nonmember pricing difference issuesKate Wilson at [email protected] or 503.252.5458 x 50

  • Individuals who think they qualify for member rates but the PNCWA registration system is saying they do not
  • Brand new member of WEF and the PNCWA registration system is not recognizing them
  • WEF members from outside the PNCWA area and qualify for member pricing.

Exhibitor Registration

 Company Exhibit Booth Registration, new or changes: Denise Barker at [email protected] or 208.917.3596

  • New booth inquiries
  • Changes in Company listing
  • Questions about what is included
  • Booth Attendee information

Sponsor Services and Registration

 Sponsor Registration, new or questions: Denise Barker at [email protected] or 208.917.3596

  • Package and/or A La Carte Sponsors
  • Package Sponsor choices from A La Carte list
  • Sponsor Logos for promotional Purposes
  • General Sponsor Services

Payment issues

Has my credit card payment been received? (For individuals or group registrations)

Has my check payment been received or there seems to be a problem with my invoice or payment (all cases) Kate Wilson at [email protected] or 503.252.5458 x 50

  • I think you should have received my payment but it is not showing as paid
  • I think I have a refund coming

Presenter issues

Allison Hornak at [email protected]

Moderator issues

Allison Hornak at [email protected]