Pre-Conference workshops (Sunday) require separate registration. 

Wednesday's Math for Operators Workshop is included in Complete & Technical Packages; if you would like to register for the Math for Operators Workshop as a standalone item, please contact Kate Wilson at [email protected]

*If you request CEUs - All approved training you attend during the PNCWA2019 Annual Conference will be totaled together. That total will be rounded down to one decimal point to determine total CEUs earned.

Pre-Conference Workshops (Sunday, September 8, 2019)

The Activated Sludge Process and How to Use Lab Data to Monitor & Troubleshoot your Treatment Process
8:00AM - 4:30PM (Lunch Included)
$120.00 - Members | $145.00 - Non Members

Facilitator: Erika Schwender, Professional Training Association  

Jim Lee, Consultant, retired Supervisor of City of Puyallup WWTF

0.7 CEUs*  

Workshop Description
During this workshop we will explore how the activated sludge process is applied in the various treatment processes such as conventional activated sludge treatment plants, oxidation ditches, and sequencing batch reactors. We will discuss different treatment strategies that can be utilized to achieve specific outcomes and which parameters to monitor to optimize your treatment process. In addition, we will explain how to:

  • Interpret lab results for tests like TSS, VSS, BOD, alkalinity, microscopy, nutrients, etc. and what they mean for your treatment process
  • Use lab data to monitor the performance of your treatment process
  • Decide which test to request to get the answers you need to fine tune or troubleshoot your operation
  • Identify the best location and time to collect a sample for the purpose you have in mind

 We will focus on everyday operations activities and how you can make changes to improve operational efficiency and effluent quality. This workshop is designed to be an interactive class so please bring questions, problems, and scenarios you encountered at your facility to discuss throughout the day.

Find the Leader Within You
10:00AM - 4:30PM (Lunch Included)
$120.00 - Members | $145.00 - Non Members

Moderator: Amy Dammarell, HDR

Amy Dammarell, HDR
Mark Poling, Clean Water Services
Michael Comeskey, City of Boise
Karen DeBaker, Clean Water Services 
Doug Berschauer, Parametrix 
Pamela Randolph, City of Edmonds

 Austin Gwinnup, W-Cubed Inc

0.525 CEUs*  

Workshop Description
Discover your leadership potential! Whether you’re an aspiring leader or one who’s been there, join us for an exploration of leaders at their best. This workshop is based on the five leadership principles outlined on the book The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner. The workshop includes breakouts and table discussions to encourage shared learning. See more information on the workshop and the certificate program at 

This workshop is geared toward operators, supervisors and managers and will encourage them to perform their duties better by learning to work together.  With a firm understanding of the five practices of exemplary leadership, participants will be better employees, supervisors, and managers, understanding what it takes to help lead truly outstanding performances.  

Sustainable Biosolids Management
9:00AM - 3:00PM (Lunch Included)
$120.00 - Members | $145.00 - Non Members

Moderator: Jason Flowers, Murraysmith

Jason Flowers, Murraysmith 

Mark Cullington, Kennedy Jenks
James Oyler, Genifuel 
Christina Davenport, City of Bend, OR
Justin Billing, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Cameron Clarke, Jacobs 
Pat Heins, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Chris McCalib, Treatment Equipment Company

0.475 CEUs*  

Workshop Description
With concerns of growing regulatory requirements and the general public’s apprehension of land application of biosolids, finding acceptable options for disposal of biosolids is one of the most pressing issues for water resource recovery facilities. As a result, several facilities have resorted to land filling of their biosolids which is costly and undesirable.  

Upon completion of this sessions, attendees will have gained an understanding of the fundamentals, benefits, challenges and approaches of implementing a sustainable biosolids management program.

Collaborative Delivery
10:30AM - 5:00PM (Lunch Included)
$120.00 - Members | $145.00 - Non Members

Co-sponsored by the PNCWA Construction Committee and the Water Design-Build Council

Moderator: Michelle Green, Jacobs

Michelle Green, Jacobs
Dave Moss, Spokane County

Jason Canady, City of Grants Pass
Tom Hickmman, TVWD

Workshop Description

This inclusive education and training session will help attendees make sense of the range of collaborative (alternative) delivery options in use in the water market. From CM/GC (GC/CM in Washington, also known as CMAR), to Progressive Design-Build, Lump Sum Design-Build and Design-Build-Operate, these models can offer improvements to traditional design-bid-build. But not every model is right for every project or every client. Project success is dependent on many factors, including procurement methodology, contract terms and organizational culture and support.  

This workshop will utilize Water Design Build Council Training materials designed to educate Owners and Practitioners about collaborative delivery models. The training will provide essential knowledge needed to plan for, procure and manage collaborative delivery projects. 

Collection Systems 101 - Conveyance Planning and Design 1:00PM - 5:00PM (Lunch NOT Included)
$70.00 - Members | $85.00 - Non Members

Moderator: Jeff Schmidt, Jacobs

Ben Nelson, Jacobs
Kevin Goss, Tetra Tech
Rob Lee, Murraysmith
Joe Dvorak, City of Portland

0.375 CEUs*  

Workshop Description
As Collection Systems Professionals, we face a unique set of challenges on every conveyance project. Many of these are technical issues such as unique ground conditions, pipeline hydraulics, odor and corrosion concerns, and conflicts with existing infrastructure. Other issues require detailed coordination with outside stakeholders and include permitting complexities, rite of way and property issues, and community outreach. While there is no substitute for on the job training, there are lessons learned and tricks of the trade that can be applied to help your next project be successful. The purpose of this Pre-Conference Workshop is to provide a detailed overview of the proposal, design, bidding, and construction process as it relates to conveyance systems. This includes both gravity and pressure pipelines. The primary audience will be engineers early in their career who would benefit from a primer on collection systems design, engineers looking to get more into the conveyance field, or anyone who has interest in understanding more about collection systems design.

Math for Operators Workshop (Wednesday, September 11, 2019)

Wednesday's Math for Operators Workshop is included in Complete & Technical Packages; if you would like to register for the Math for Operators Workshop as a standalone item, please contact Kate Wilson at [email protected]

Math for Operators Workshop
8:00AM - 11:55AM (Lunch NOT Included)
$85.00 - as a standalone registration - see note above | Member and or Early Bird rates are not applicable. 

Jeffrey A Lundt, King County Wastewater Treatment Division
Doug Berschauer, Parametrix

0.333 CEUs*  

Workshop Description
Water and Wastewater Operator Certification tests continue to show one of the weaker skills in operators is math. Competent math skills are required for operators in setting pumping rates, process control, chemical feed and maintenance activities. This presentation will start with the basics of arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry, and spend a significant amount of time in developing the important skills of tracking and changing units.

A wide range of relevant problems will be worked through step-by-step to show and reinforce the process. The session will conclude with operators working through several problems on their own and then checking their results and process against the instructor’s in a step-by-step review so attendees can see errors or alternative approaches to getting to the correct result. Problems used have been taken from example tests and actual facility needs.

Each attendee will be given a copy of the ABC Professional Operator Formula/Conversion Table. A segment of the workshop is set aside to review this tool and discuss other references available to the operator in their daily routine.

The material presented is applicable for both water and wastewater operators. Examples and problems from each will be used in the presentations and the attendee problem solving. One goal of this presentation is to teach others to be able to take the material back to their communities and provide training for operators who are not able to attend regional conferences. All presentations and other materials will be available to attendees for use in teaching in the Sections or utilities.