Message from Conference Chair

Dear PNCWA colleagues, friends, and soon-to-be-friends—

However difficult these past two years have been on us individually and as a community, this time has taught us that we can find our path through uncertainty and emerge on the other side, stronger. With this in mind, our theme this year is “Be Like Water:Adapting with Purpose.” For those of you not familiar with Bruce Lee’s philosophy, being like water is a call for us to be flexible and resilient, and to adapt to face any obstacles in our way.

Our PNCWA conference is a true testament to this. In 2020, we pivoted to a virtual format to keep our members safe. Our Summit Series showed us that a virtual format could be more inclusive and engage members in new and substantial ways, myself included. And in 2021, in an ever-changing environment, we remained flexible and had a successful first hybrid conference, reminding us how much we still need in-person connection to recharge us. I am excited to announce that PNCWA 2022 will build on last year’s success and continue innovating on the hybrid conference format.

PNCWA 2022 will host our in-person attendees in Spokane, Washington, along with an expanded virtual program and a more seamless experience for our remote attendees. In addition to an excellent technical program, we are planning networking and volunteering events for our in-person and remote attendees to allow us all to connect with purpose and intent in new and existing environments.

As I mentioned, I had an opportunity to engage more purposely in 2020, assisting with the Summit Series. From the moment I volunteered, I have felt welcomed and a sense of community. I am honored to be the conference chair this year and excited that I get to participate in shaping it.  If you too want to be part of the evolution, do not hesitate to raise your hand to join our planning committee. Whether a veteran or a new member, we need your input and collaboration. We have something special here with PNCWA—we can all feel it. So let’s create the future of our conference together!

See you in Spokane or at a local networking event next year.

-         Vicky Hollingsworth, PNCWA 2022 Conference Chair